Leather leaf Fern is foliage used in many flower arranging types. Leather Leaf has glossy, dark green, lacy, triangular fronds.  Leather Leave fern can be pressed and used in dry flower arrangements.  If the fresh stems as cut and placed in warm water, the fronds will last up to two weeks.

Ivy leaves can be used in flower arrangements, especially in low center table flower displays.
Rosemary sprigs adds greenery and a wonderful scent to any flower arrangement.
Asparagus foliage can also be used in flower arranging.
Croton leaves come in a variety of colours and are used as foliage in many flower arrangements. The shiny leaves of the croton are heavily marbled in red, yellow, orange, white, and green, all often on the same plant. The leaf shapes are equally varied: oval, indented, spiralled, etc.
Different types of fern leaves adds greenery and texture to flower arrangements.
Twigs, branches and driftwood add pizzazz, to flower arranging designs. You will learn how to create flower arrangements using branches and twigs instead of Oasis when you attend the Flower Course.
Filler Flowers are used to fill open spaces between form and line flowers. Generally filler flowers have either clustered heads or multi-branched stems, examples being Baby’s Breath and Statice.
Filler flowers are priced less than main focal flowers.  Filler flowers can also be used to soften flower arrangements.  Filler flowers are also used to hide Oasis and flower stems.
Form flowers have very distinct shapes. They are used as the focal point of an arrangement. Many form flowers can be arranged with other flowers or arranged alone.  Stargazer Lilies or Asiatic Lilies are examples of form flowers.
Line flowers are generally stems that have a tall, narrow columnar spike of flowers. They can be used to give an arrangement a feel of height, or to create a vertical appearance.  Liatris and Delphiniums are examples of line flowers.