South Africa is blessed with a wide range of flowers, herbs and flowering shrubs that is ideal for flower arranging.  Due to an abundance of readily available flowers it makes sense to attend a flower course and start your own florist business.  South Africa has flowers which other countries have to import if they want to experience the joy of using these flowers in flower arrangements!
South Africa has many flowers which are seen as exotic and customers are willing to pay a premium price to present these flowers to a loved one.  With such an abundance of flowers and materials that are freely available, there is no limit to the variety of flowers and foliage that can be used or the ways to arrange them.
If you are lucky to have your own flower garden do remember that the best time to cut flowers is in the early morning or late in the evening. 

This is a summary of the practical and technical training that you will receive during attendance of the flower course:
1. How to start your own florist business.
2. Business Legalities and regulations.
3. Registering your florist business.
4. The tools of the florist trade and how to use them.
5. Names and contact list of suppliers of flower arranging accessories and cut flowers.
6. How to use a flower arranging pin holder.
7. How to use chicken wire to support flowers in flower bouquets.
8. How to use florist foam correctly.
9. How to choose and purchase cut flowers.
10. How to care for flowers after cutting and for arranged flowers.
11. How to revive wilting flowers.
12. What to look for when choosing flowers.
13. Where and how to cut flowers.
14. Special treatments to make flowers last longer.
15. Wiring and taping of flowers.
16. Making short stems longer.
17. Selecting the flowers for the arrangement.
18. How to select Containers for flower arrangements.
19. Preparation of the container to receive the flowers.
20. How to line baskets and waterproof containers.
21. Practical design and form techniques.
22. Using scale and proportion to arrange the flowers.
23. Contrast and design in flower arranging.
24. Candle and flower displays.
25. The 12 basic flower arranging designs.
26. Making a wreath for a funeral.
27. Making garlands.
28. Making a corsage.
29. Making a cascading Bouquet
30. Making a Round Floral Bouquet
31. Making arrangements for different themes and occasions.
32. Making your own Potpourri.
33. Which flowers and foliage to use together, and more.
34. Marketing your florist business
35. Sourcing finance for your new business.