This is a list of the floristry tools needed to create flower arrangements. Depending whether you will arrange flowers as a hobby or as a florist, tools and basic essentials are available from hardware stores or specialist companies.  The names and contact details of these can be found in our flower course manual.

You will need:

Floristry cutting tools: such as sharp scissors for soft stems.

Florist scissors: with serrated blades are better because it can also cut wire and hard stems;

Floral foam, also called Oasis which is soaked in water overnight before it is used. The foam is usually bought in blocks and cut to size. Florist foam can also be bought in different shapes that have been pre-cut for convenience.

Crumpled chicken mesh or netting to support heavy stems and to reinforce the foam.

Small plastic spikes disks and metal pin holders into which the stems are impaled.

Flower food prolongs the life of the flowers. A bucket full of water and flower food helps to condition the flowers.

Florist tape: used to form a grid across the top of the flower vase and helps to support the structure for your flowers, foliage and other materials.

Waterproof tape: to secure foam to dry surfaces. Waterproof tape sticks to pottery, metal, plastic, glass, ceramics and wood.

Use waterproof clay to position candles, figurines, ribbons, fruit, or any other object in position.  Do make sure that whatever you want to position is dry and free of dust, lest it will not stick!

A Hot glue gun can also be used to stick dry items together.

Florist stem tape is a strong and stretchable, usually green, tape that can stick to itself, but does not stick to your fingers.  It is used to lengthen and strengthen flower stems.  It is used to create flower bouquets, headpieces, cascades and more.  The florist tape should be stretched while wrapping around fresh or dried flower stems or wiring.

Florist Anchor pins or anchor prongs are used by adhering it to the vase bottom with clay or hot melt glue.  Floral foam is then attached to the prongs at the bottom of the flower vase.

Floral wire comes in different thicknesses.  Floral wiring is used specifically to support the stems of flowers and for securing foam to the container.  Floral wire is also used to shape flowers, to lengthen flowers and to secure any object in the flower arrangement. 

You will need bleach or jik and a brush to disinfect and clean your containers.