Dried grasses which have been dyed to match a container can be used as foliage. Learn how to dry and colour different types of dried grasses at the Flower Course.

A flower arrangement can be made with fresh foliage and artificial flowers.

Sometimes an attractive vase or container cracks and cannot contain water. The answer to this dilemma is simple; simply use a hot melt gun and attach another un-cracked container inside the cracked container and the problem is solved.  You do not have to throw something that is pretty away!

Marbles, wires, pebbles, string, coloured floral foam, in fact any object that can be immerged into water can be placed in see-through vases filled with water to make interesting flower arrangements.

Christmas is the time for making wreaths filled with ribbons, inexpensive ornaments, and everything imaginable.  Make festive floral arrangements by including pine cones either in its natural state, or sprayed in the colour of your choice in the flower arrangement.

Flowers that have broken off can be placed in a shallow bowl.  The flowers will float on top of the water in the bowl.  You can even add a floating candle or two to the floating flowers in the bowl.

Hard alkaline water is not recommended for use in flower arrangements; it shortens the life of the flower arrangement.  Add citric acid to the water to condition hard alkaline water.

Never leave flowers in areas that are too hot, especially not in a vehicle.  Keep the wrapping in which the stems are bought around the flowers for as long as possible.