When you are doing the flower courses you must consider the place and occasion where the arrangement will be used as well as the container in which the arrangement will be made.

The design element, in other words, choosing the foliage and flowers for the arrangement is made up of choosing the colour, size, shape, texture, purpose and mood of the arrangement.

If you are making a low arrangement, for example an arrangement for the dinner table, the arrangement should be wider than the container in which it is arranged. Make sure that the size, shape and colour of the arrangement will harmonise with the table setting.

Tall flower arrangements should be at least one and a half times taller than the container in which the flowers are arranged.

The floral design should include a front and a back part of the arrangement if the arrangement is not going to be a circle shaped flower arrangement.

First always arrange the widest and tallest flowers of the shape that you chose.  Now fill up with smaller blooms and then fill around the base and lower part of the arrangement with foliage and fillers to hide stems and the Oasis.

Obviously you will learn all about the basic rules when you attend the flower arranging courses.

Flower courses can be customized according to your specifications. If you would like to attend  customized flower courses please ask us for a quotation specifying your exact needs.